Defective Micro SD card

My GoPiGo micro SD card arrived dead. It would not boot the Pi, so I checked it with my laptop: not even recognized as media. Nothing there. I have sent an email to you about this, but no response yet. Can I get a replacement under warranty? In the meantime I installed Raspbian for Robots on a spare micro SD and the Pi boots up fine.

I’m really sorry we shipped you a problematic SD Card.

Did you reach us out here: under “General Questions and Feedback”: If not can you just reach out there and give your order details and a link to this forum post and we will have one shipped to you immediately.

Again, I’m really sorry to hear about this; we’ll make it right immediately.

Just chiming in on Karan here: we will stand by our products and replace them. Please contact us, we will send out a replacement.


I sent a message via Contact on the website several days ago with all the info you are requesting. Apparently you do not monitor that email stream. I just now sent a message as you requested.

Hey Bob, I do monitor the customer stream. Looks like the request was submited on Friday evening. We don’t beat our customer service folks hard enough to force them to work on the weekend. I’m sure they’ll get to you about it today.

Thanks! John