Demo mode not working after software/firmware updates

I just did a software update today 8/2/2016 on my goPigo and it resulted to inconsistent connection to the VNC viewer. Before the update everything is working fine, I was able to connect and control thru Wifi. But after the update, issues starts to pop out. I’m using mac to connect. Everytime it connects to VNC, its timing out and you have to click connect overtime hoping to have a successful connection. When it connects to VNC, the icons in the desktop starts blinking, it will stop blinking if you disconnect the ethernet to the goPigo. When you click on the Demo test, the robots does not respond even with the ethernet cable connected. I’m not sure whats the latest sw version it got updated but, I need help to fix this. IF there is a command to revert back to the original sw version, please post procedure on how to do it. Thanks and appreciate any help.

I was also trying an update yesterday, and one of the external websites was down. My updates didn’t finish properly. Maybe that was still the case for you?

Also when was the last time you did an update? Lately there hasn’t been many changes, I can’t see why it would lead to any issues, unless it’s the issue I was faced with yesterday.

Not sure but if the update was completed, but I saw has there were some completion at the end looking at the result in the terminal. Only the firmware was not update. This is the first update I did since I bought this year. I can sometimes connect to the VNC and ssh to dex.local but cannot connect to the internet for some reason. Trying to ping is failing. Looks like the SW package is messed up. Is there a way to reset to default factory setting? or maybe re-install and start clean from the original version? Thanks

Maybe the software got messed up during the update. It might be better to start with a fresh image. It shouldn;t take a lot of time to write a fresh image to the SD card. First make sure that you copy anything that you’ll want to save, because everything will be wiped from the SD card after writing the new image. Then follow the instructions here: to burn a new SD card.

Do let us know if this works for you.


Issue fixed. Thanks Karan, appreciate the help. Revising all the program I have from the back up. Since starting fresh, Is there a way to install an IDE, what do you normally do to program using in the VNC? There is a python shell included but a good text editor would be great. Is there an instruction to install a text editor maybe notepad++? Thanks. - Vince

Hey Vince,
I personally use Notepad++ for all the development on the Pi. There is a nice SFTP plugin which basically allows you to remotely edit the files on the Pi. Here is a tutorial: Almost all IDE’s have a plugin like this. You can also mount the folders from the Pi on your machine using something like SSHFS and then edit the files natively.