Dex.local on Get Started Instructions [solved]


Just reviewing the startup instructions:

I had no problems connecting with SSH, but I was writing down what I did for someone else and in so doing I found the instructions on that page for Part 3, step 6:

Open a web browser on your computer and in the address bar, type “http://dex.local”, and hit enter. Note: If you are using a touchscreen laptop, please use Firefox, as certain vital features will not work in other browsers.

First off, I think you changed to raspberrypi.local in your distribution. But neither of those addresses caused anything to happen when I pointed my web browser at them (dex.local was not resolved, and there was no response at raspberrypi.local). Do these pages require updates or did I fail one of the steps.?




Hey Mike,
We’re in the process of moving everyone over to the new image. Thanks for pointing this out, I’ll try to make a note in the documentation. I know it’s confusing right now, but we made the change to dex on strong advice from teachers saying kids were having trouble getting the whole long “raspberry” with it’s silent p, in.

So, question for you: if you ping either of those addresses do you get a response? Which version of the image are you using? How do you have it connected to your computer?



I’ve updated to the newest release using git and the instructions provided. I don’t know how to tell which version of the image that is. I see only one release from you guys in the repo, 1.2.2 in April, but there’s been work done since then.

Firmware confirmed at version 1.2.2 using

RaspberryPi is connected using Wi-fi, with the adapter Dexter Industries sells. I’m connecting using PuTTY, trying to connect to dex.local (port 22) the message is “Host does not exist”. raspberrypi.local works just fine. Same results when using ping.




Maybe we’re confusing the software with the image. Are you using the SD card from Dexter Industries, or did you install your own image (ala this )

If you want to connect to dex.local or use our software, you need to rewrite your SD card using these directions.

We have a video playlist that walks you through how to connect to the Raspberry Pi using Raspbian for Robots here.

Some more information:
If you’re having trouble with wifi, try our operating system “CINCH”. You can see more about installing it here, and you can see a video on how to connect to CINCH using your Raspberry Pi here.

You can see a tutorial on connecting CINCH with a Chromebook here and how to connect to a tablet or mobile phone here.


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