Dexter Industries can you Make a Space Kit?

I saw on the brickpi kick starter page that those who payed enough money got a kit so they could have their brickpi go at near space altitudes. Obviously you can’t get it now because the kickstarter is over. However I was thinking what if there was a raspberry pi weather balloon kit? It could use the grovepi to hook up various sensors. The smaller balloons don’t cost much and it would be possible to make a consumer ready kit for around the price of the $180 brickpi kit. Who wouldn’t want to say they made something that went crazy high in the air?

Also what if you sent a gopigo to the moon with ESA or NASA in 2030? That would also be epic. It could be like the astro pi mission except moon-pi. Perhaps the future of space bots could be cheap and small ones that would ea have their own task: collecting moon dust, taking pictures, etc.

Just some ideas I had that I absolutely had to share.probably will never happen though. :frowning: