Dexter Industries Desktop

I have upgraded my raspian on a raspberry pi3 using the following instructions

Option 3: Modify your own image

If you want to use your own wheezy installation, you must make the following changes yourself to the Raspberry Pi.

You can download and run our install script. This will automatically download and install all the packages and dependencies required for GoPiGo to your existing Raspbian image.

1). Open the Terminal on your Raspberry Pi and clone the Dexter Industries GoPiGo Repository.

git clone
2). A folder named GoPiGo should appear in you current working directory.

3). Open it and go to Setup Files directory:

cd Setup
4). The install script is called . Make it executable

sudo chmod +x
5). Run the script

sudo ./
6). Follow the onscreen instructions and the script will install all the dependencies and will Restart upon completion. Your Raspbian should now be ready to run GoPiGo.

How do I access the Dexter desktop

Hi @rab.inverness,

You will not be able to access the Dexter screen from your browser since you are not using Raspbian for Robots image. You would be able to see the GoPiGo icon on your Desktop, if you can connect your Pi to a monitor or if you can ssh into your Pi terminal, navigate to Desktop folder and runls to view GoPiGo.

You will also be able to see the GoPiGo on your Desktop if you can login through VNC viewer(If you have installed one).

All this can be made simple if you can use our image. I would encourage you to use our image if you don’t have any strong reasons to hold on to Raspbian jessie. To download and install our image follow this tutorial.