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I am unable to upload the software to install on my Raspberry Pi, neather by command lines, nor to install the all software on an SD card. My goal is to work with both your software and Jeedom software.

Have you solutions.

Thank’s a lot

Hi @gilles.bayle,

Can you tell us what you mean by not being able to upload the code. If you meant not being able to install our Raspbian for Robots image, then you can follow this link, which explains how to get our image installed onto the SD card

Please get back to us if you have any further questions on this, we will be happy to answer.


Hi Shoban,

no it’s not that.

For exemple I can’t upload the zip file on google drive.
Can you try please :

Thank you

Hi @gilles.bayle,

Can you explain to us a bit more detailed on what you wish to do. Do you want to upload our image to the google drive or do you want to upload some other file from Pi to the computer?