Dexter SD card

Hi, I’ve ordered your SD card and it is arrived today. Now I plug it into my Pi, the green LED doesn’t blink and the ethernet cable is not communicating. Do i need to do anything before I can use this card? I thought it was already set.

Hey yuangao, the SD Card should be plug-and-play, you shouldn’t need to make any changes at all.

How are you powering the Raspberry Pi? Are you using a 2A power supply?
Are both of the PWR and ACT LED’s solid or blinking? Do they all turn on?

Hi, I power the pi by the adapter, the output of the adapter is 5V,2000mA. Both PWR and ACT LED are solid, without blinking, which behave exact same as the SD card is empty.

Hi, I’m having the same exact problem with the sd for my son’s GOPIGO. Plug SD card into the Pi, the PWR and ACT LED are on and don’t blink and the ethernet cable is not communicating.

Tried 2A power supply and external power supply that came with the kit. Same result.

I also tried to read the SD card from my mac. The card comes up as “NO NAME” and has nothing on it.

All help is greatly appreciated!


Hey Ryan,
It sounds like you have a corrupted SD card. There are two option that you could try at this:
1). Send it back for a replacement. We’ll send you a replacement. In this batch of SD cards we’ve seen some folks have troubles or receive blank cards. Our fault, we’ll make it right.
2). If you’re more adventurous or need this in a hurry, you can follow our tutorial for downloading the software and reinstalling it on the 8GB SD card. We have a youtube video and written instructions here. It should be pretty easy to get it set up:

I’m really sorry we shipped you a problematic SD Card and again, if you’re not up for step 2, no problem, do let us know and we’ll work to get you a replacement asap.


How about my SD card? Can I ask for the replacement? I have the same problem with Ryan. If you can give e a replacement, can you tell me how? is there any form I should submit?

Thanks for the response Karan.

I’ll go for option #1. Also, whats the process for sending the card back? Can you get the new replacement card sent on it way prior to receiving the blank one? My kids would like to get experimenting this weekend if possible.

Thanks again,


Hi Ryan, the best way to do it is to contact us through

If you can include the link to this forum post, we can get one out asap. It might be delayed as this would be coming out of VA or PA, which are both having a lot of weather and may still be stranded in the snow.

Hey ryan and yuangao,
Can you contact us here for the replacement, under “General Questions and Feedback”: We will have a fresh SD card shipped to you immediately. Can you send us the other one back when you get the new one.

Can you mention a link to this forum page along with your order ID for the SD card in the contacts page which would help us processing it faster.

Again, I’m really sorry to hear about this; we’ll make it right immediately.


Done, please make sure you send the good one, please please…