DexterOS on a shared network?

By default the GoPiGo, running the DexterOS, is on its own private network on

Is it possible, (of course it is possible, I mean reasonably possible) to take the GoPiGo off its private network and have it participate in my existing WiFi network? It would need to attach and authenticate using a WPA-type passphrase.


  1. I can use the 'bot and participate in these fora at the same time.
  2. I can use/search the internet while using the 'bot to help understand/solve problems.
  3. It would be much easier for me to use since I won’t have to constantly hop on-and-off one network after another.
  4. etc.


Jim “JR”

I would recommend you use Raspbian For Robots. With RfR you can easily connect the RPi as a peer on your local network, using a WiFi or Ethernet connection (or both). You lose some of the “easy” aspects of DexterOS (primarily the Bloxter programming), but you get full access to the OS, and full SSH support.

DexterOS is intended for beginners, so it’s very easy to use, but also limited in it’s capabilities. RfR is fantastic for users with a little more experience, as the possibilities are endless.

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Sigh. . . .

I expected an answer like that.

There are things I’m trying to figure out about the GoPiGo within the DexterOS framework, (so that I can get my granddaughters interested!), that makes me kind of wish I had both my cake and my lunch at the same time.


Jim “JR”