DexterOS programming interface cannot switch fluidly between blocks and editible Python


When programming in Block mode within the DexterOS interface, it is not possible to switch fluidly between block mode and editable python mode.

Why is this a valuable behavior?
Because. . . .

  • As a teaching tool, being able to switch fluidly between the two modes allows the instructor to actually show what’s happening behind the scenes - i.e. that the pretty blocks actually represent lines of “real code” instead of just pretty pictures that do something.
  • As a teaching tool, it can be used to help the hobbyist - like me - learn python by writing useful programs in block-mode, transferring over to Python mode to see what I did, and then look things up to add program flourishes to the code.
  • As a (ahem!) “rapid development” environment, the block programming allows the developer to rapidly flesh-out the basics of the program and then fill-in the picky details in the editor.

I have used the block programmer mode in Make:Code for the micro:bit, (<= cleverly hidden hyperlink), and then switched over to editable JavaScript to do things the blocky editor cannot do.

It is obviously doable. The Make:Code interface is (supposedly) Open Source and has a GitHub repository. There is no reason why you cannot wander over there and steal, (oops! I meant “fork”! :wink:), their code/ideas and add it to DexterO/S

What say ye?

Jim “JR”