DGPS And IC2 Interface


I recently qualified for the WRO (World Robotics Olympiad).

I Want to use the DGPS in our model if there was a way for us to be able to see the co-ords and etc on the laptop without wires.

1 way I discover was using a XBee, However to do this I need to be able to send this information to the Arduino and then print that in serial. If this is is possible, could some 1 pls write some code for me.

If ^^^^ not possible could you recommend another way.


Hey @kshitij4sharma, unfortunately we don’t carry or suppor the NXTBee any more. You might be better using the onboard bluetooth of the LEGO Mindstorms device.


I meant using normal XBee Interfaces. The only problem is I don’t know how to send the data to the Arduino.


How do you want to send data to an Arduino?


Anyway possible and isn’t too hard to setup.


So I take it that your using the NXT. Like @JohnC I’d agree Bluetooth is best. I’d recommend taking this to the Arduino forums.


This is probably not going to be a simple electronic solution; I really think your best bet is to use Bluetooth to communicate back.