dGPS - EV3 issue

Hi there,

I have been trying the I2C block in the original Mindstorms programming software. Sadfully, I made a mistake at some point and used write instead of reading, so I think I have written something wrong somewhere, not knowing what address and request it was. Since then, I am not getting right coordinates values.

Is it possible to restore or reinstall the firmware to correct this or there is any other possible solution?


Hove you tried using the GPS before and was it giving the correct value if you had used it earlier.

It should be very hard or almost impossible to break the GPS from the Mindstorms. Can you try turning the power off and remove and reinsert the battery again.

Also any more information related to how you broke it might be helpful.


It was giving right values before. It is possible that writing a wrong I2C request it is stored in whatever address making it function wrongly?

Hey Speedy, no, writing to the wrong I2C register on the dGPS will not rewrite or affect the firmware on the dGPS.

Then, is it possible to reinstall the firmware? Maybe this could solve the problem?

You may want to reinstall the EV3 firmware. The latest version should work witht he dGPS, early versions from LEGO were extremely buggy and failed a lot.

It is right. I have resintalled the firmware (original LEGO EV3) and it is working rightly again.