dGPS EV3 malfunction

incorrect coordinates being displayed.

Coordinates are displaying as Latitude = 34340864 and the Longitude = 1077293440 when the Longitude should be a negative and the values are suppose to be around Lat: 33° 27’ 52.5636"
Long: -94° 6’ 22.5396" we were wondering if we are having a problem contacting the satellite in this area, if our product has a manufacturer error, or even if we just need to do something to configure it for this area?

Hello Noah, we updated a bug in this software about 4 months ago. We were having the same sign issues with some of the data coming back. Was your download since then?

A few things:

  • You’ll need to be outdoors to get a decent view of the horizon to make the dGPS work.
  • Assuming you’re using the EV3 software (not RobotC). Is that correct?
  • Also, you’re using the firmware we have bundled with the zip download v134fw?