dGPS for BrickPi


Hi, I bought a dGPS and connect it to BrickPi and try the test script.
No light on and the message shows
Status 0 UTC 121128 Latitude 24.000000 Longitude 121.000000 Heading 0 Velocity 0 Altitude 0 HDOP 0 Satellites in view 0.

If I can’t connect to satellite , it is possible to get the heading angle?


Hi, the dGPS requires a satellite lock to provide data. I believe the heading and velocity are calculated based on the current position compared to previous positions, so if there isn’t a lock, there’s no position reference.


May I know how to get satellite lock?


Make sure the dGPS has a good unobstructed view of the sky for at least several minutes. Once the “satellites in view” is maybe around 4 or 5 you should start getting valid data, and once the number reaches 7 or more, the data should become more accurate.


This manual has a little bit of information about getting started with the dGPS and getting a signal.

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