dGPS for Lego NXT

anyone tried writing C code for reading dGPS sensor on Lego NXT brick? I ultimately want to compile c code and use in Matlab Simulink. Then download Simulink model onto Lego NXT brick.

Other Lego NXT sensors have Simulink blocks already made but not this dGPS sensor. So I’m trying to start from scratch with C code.


Short answer is “no”. However, we’re really interested in doing this or having our sensors supported in Matlab.

We can send you the C code, and we’d like to support if we can. IS there a place we can get a trial or free version of Matlab/Simulink so we can test it out on our end?

Attached are some elegant drivers, written in C, that Xander Soldaat wrote for the dGPS. I think if you’re working in a C environment, you might be able to adapt them pretty easily.