dGPS - RobotC NXT in South Korea

I live in south korea. I use NXT in RobotC 4.30. I got libraries and example code “dexterind-gps-test1” about dGPS. I could complie it and download. But only UTC works. Default value Lon 121, Lat 24 has been displayed for 2 hours. I know it takes time to find a satellite signal. But, 2 hours is too long. What’s wrong in dGPS? Please, give me an advice.

It sounds like your dGPS is working fine. You haven’t picked up your first satellite yet, so it’s set to the original factory settings. I’m going to guess that the blue light hasn’t come on yet?

You need to take this sensor outside and expose it to as much of the horizon as possible. So if you’re in a city, going to a rooftop, or going out. It should take, with open skies, around 10 minutes to get your first satellite.