DHT() doesnt provide output or an error message

Hi, I just setup my new rasberryPi and GrovePi+ and tried to run the home weather python script, but it doesnt work (no errors, just hangs). I made sure that the LCD and DHT are connected correctly. I inserted print statements before and after the command to get data from the dht:

 [ temp,hum ] = dht(dht_sensor_port,dht_sensor_type)	#Get the temperature and Humidity from the DHT sensor

I only get back the print statement before this statement in the console and then nothing else, so I think that the dht sensor might be faulty as this is the code that came with the grovepi.

Please help, I need this to work for my class project.

We’ll continue the conversation on Zendesk and if there’s a bug that has to be fixed, then we’ll come back here and make it public to everyone to know about it.