DHT & LCD_RGB project

I have a project that can be added to the projects folder. It uses the LCD_RGB and the DHT sensor. It has settable thresholds and shifts the background colors from Blue(cold) through green(comfortable) to Red (hot). It doesn’t update the display until there has been a 1 degree Fahrenheit change in temperature so that it eliminates the flashing effect. It demonstrates a few more advanced python programming to help the newbie along. What’s the best way to share it. I’m a “Windows” guy, so the Debian environment is still a struggle.

Presuming you have a Github account…

Try the Windows git client.

You basically want to fork the DexterInd/GrovePi repo, then add your project files, commit and push to your fork on Github. Then on the Github website, create a pull request and Karan will review + merge it.

Failing all that, just email it to Karan and he’ll add it for you.

If you don’t have a Github account, you can create one for free. You only have to pay if you want private repos.

Here’s how I contribute using a Mac.