DHT11 Temperature&Humidity Sensor not measuring


I had a Python Script running perfectly measuring and simulating different sensor data, including
temperature and humidity. Now my DHT_Sensor doesn’t do anything at all and I have no idea where the problem might be. For troubleshooting I connected an LED on the same port (D4) (The LED blinks and the script is running perfectly) and I tried the default script for the dht sensor on different ports. I’ve also connected another sensor of the same type.
with no result.

does anybody have an idea what to do?

… my troubleshooting test stops when it’s checking for the firmware version. But I can’t get firmware versions in any tests.

results.txt (6.6 KB)

those are the results of my troubleshooting test


From the GrovePi troubleshooting page:


Instructions for updating the firmware are on the troubleshooting page here:

If this doesn’t solve your problem, this is how to open a support request with Dexter Industries now:

See full post here: