DI Raspbian for Robots Apache Landing Page: Forum link

  1. The DI Raspbian for Robots Apache2 Landing Page contains a dead-end link to the non-existent Raspbian for Robots Forum: (and it is http not https)

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<li>Ask a question on our <a href="http://www.dexterindustries.com/forum?raspbian_for_robots" target="_blank" class="product">forums.</a></li>

  1. Is this the way to check the DI R4Robots version?

uname -a:
Linux Carl 4.14.62-v7+ #1134 SMP Tue Aug 14 17:10:10 BST 2018 armv7l GNU/Linux

  1. BTW, do you have an official procedure for problem reports or should I use the most appropriate forum? (Should I learn how to report against the file on the DI Github? )

Hi @cyclicalobsessive,

We fixed the hyperlinks in this PR:

To check the version of R4R, you can cd to the Raspbian_For_Robots directory on your Raspberry Pi and run git rev-parse HEAD and that will give you the hash code for the last commit.

Once you get that hash code, you can use it in this URL format:


Put it in your browser and that will take you to the version you have in GitHub. You can check the dates and see how far behind your version is from the latest one.


And generally, the reporting of problems is done through the forum. Issues/PRs are always for something very specific.

Thank you!

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