Different types of coding (interactive and download)

My background is with two years with makeblock products and arduino where I can run the code from my PC or download to the ardunio for “autonomous” running of code.

I am interested in purchasing a gopigo3, with many sensors, to learn python. Your videos all seem to show running code thru a wifi connection.

Can I program code and then download to the robot? If yes, then how?


note: I have been programming for X decades.

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Hi @robotics,

Yes, you can edit your files wherever you want and then when you’re ready you can upload them to your Raspberry Pi. Generally, in our videos, we program the Raspberry Pi via the WiFi (whilst connected to the local network) because it’s more convenient I think.
You could also program it while having it on an Ethernet connection or you might even want to go as far as connecting a keyboard/mouse and a monitor to the Pi and program it just like you would on a desktop.

To upload files to it, you can use something like FileZilla. Nowadays, editors can have extensions installed that automatically upload files to your remote resource - one instance would be VSCode.

Thank you!