dIMU Sensor use in RobotC 4.29 for EV3

Hello - I’m trying to use a dIMU sensor on my EV3 robot in RobotC version 4.29. I found the link for the ‘3rd Party Robot C Drivers’, but I attempted to add the include to the user libraries and do not see the option in the available sensors after the include. I’ve also tried calling the .h file manually ("#include “…diversdexterind-imu.h”) but when I compile a basic while(true) program with that include, I get a whole slew of compile errors with the .h driver file. Anyone have any ideas or have successfully used the 3rd Party drivers for their Dexter Industry sensors with Robot C 4.29 for EV3?


Hey, sorry for the slow response here svojoe. I am not sure what’s going on in this case, I’m pinging Xander to see what can be done.

Hey there svojoe,

You should consider downloading ROBOTC 4.30, it fixes a bunch of issues. Also, you need to fetch the latest version of my driver suite from GitHub.

There is a known issue with this driver and the IMU when used in the 2000 DPS mode.

= Xander