Display OLED - not working


I’ve some problems with your OLED display and GrovePi C# library. OLED display is connected to the I2C-1 port. Is it normal, that it is turned off by default (so no backlight or something like that)?

After calling the following line - nothing happens.

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Is my configuration wrong? What am i doing wrong?

Please advice.

Thank you for your kind help!

First things first we need a quick background on the OLE D technology. OLED stands for Light Emitting Diode. There is no backlighg, instead each pixel emits light. So if you aren’t displaying anything you will just see black. As you can see this OLE D technology is pretty cool.

So to the debugging!
I can’t seem to find documentation for this display for c#. However I do have some very good ideas on how to get it working. I just wanted to let you know that someone saw this. I’ll look into it some more after sleep and school.

Some insight can be obtained from this.

Dear @graykevinb!

Thank you for your kind explanation. Obviously there has to be a problem with GrovePi C# library or my OLED display.

        public void DisplayOLED(String msg)
            display.setTextXY(0, 0);

I’ve pasted the whole function, which should display the text based on input string. After calling the following function - nothing actually happens.

Maybe, probably not. Now please bear with me. I wish someone more qualified would help out, but :frowning:

First which model do you have? Is it the 128x64 one?

It also would be helpful to see all of your code. Everything, not just that function. When you say nothing happens does that just include what happens on the screen? Are there any errors when you run the code?

Here’s what I’m assuming:
You run the code and get prompted for input. You then type in some stuff and press enter. Program terminates, nothing displays and no errors.

From this I can guess some things.

  1. Perhaps it displays something, but immediately erased it because the program terminates. Solution? Run your code in a loop. It might be better to take out the msg and just hardcode some text in.
  2. Your doing something wrong. That’s why I need your full code and any error messages, if any.
  3. The driver is broken. Off this were true you may not get any error messages. However I think this unlikely, but not out of the question.
  4. The OLED display is defective. Rare, but it happens. I do find it unlikely also.
  5. Your using the wrong driver. There’s two drivers of you notice. The OLEDDisplay9696.cs and the OLEDDisplay128x64.cs. Perhaps your using the wrong one? Which goes back to which model of display you have.

I think this should get us somewhere! :slight_smile: