Distance Sensor projected view angle

What is the “view angle” of the Distance Sensor (SKU: 855390007067)? I take is not like a shotgun microphone which has a very narrow angle.

I am asking since today while testing new code on my GoPIGO3 I noticed a reading from one side of my office wall that seem extremely large when it should of been actually very short - but then a realize I have a window there.

So I guess my 2nd question is does the Distance Sensor not detect “Glass” :slight_smile:

View angle can also be define as the “Pick up Angle”

From my research glass can trip up IR sensors.

So yes, I believe any angle should be read. Of course the best way is to test this yourself and see what kind of readings you get.

An alternative would be to get a ultrasonic sensor. Sound waves bounce off of pretty much everything. Though be aware they have their own quirks.

Good to confirm - Thanks :slight_smile: