Do you see what I see?


The following picture of a ten-year-or-so-old shower cabinet that was recently removed to install a new one.

(singing) Do you see what I see?

Most people, including my wife, see a pile of trash waiting to be dragged off.

What do I see?

  1. A lot of expensive cabling and multi-pin connectors that are NOT cheap when you go buy them.

  2. A humidity-resistant 12v fan

  3. A nice humidity-resistant semi-decent quality speaker. (The old shower cabinet had built-in speaker phone and hi-fi sound)

  4. A whole s-load of blue LED’s, isolation diodes and 10k resistors.

  5. An environmentally sealed resistance based temperature sensor.


When I was done, I had collected a bunch of potentially expensive electronic goodies including a control panel circuit board that I can use as a source of dozens of parts.

I also saved every single screw, washer, nut and bolt from that thing.

My wife thinks I’ve lost my mind.

I think I just scored big on spare parts! Better in my parts box than in some dump somewhere.

I also just finished “scrapping out” several old and obsolete cell phones. Aside from the batteries, display, and camera modules, I also scored some relatively small speakers I can use on Charlie and the two giggle-bots!

I am also sure that the eccentric vibrating motors will be useful somewhere.

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