Documentation of the LEDs on the Gopigo3 "red board"I

I can’t find the meanings of solid red, blinking red, solid green, blinking green of the LED near the “reset button” on the red board.

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I remembered seeing it somewhere, but had to hunt a bit to find it.
The color depends on the situation and OS being used. You can find a good description here:

Under the Power Up the GoPiGo3 section.

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That is the “power” LED.

  • Blinking green is the “starting up” indication.
  • Solid green is the “ready” indication.*
  • Solid yellow is the “low battery” caution indication.
  • Solid red is the “low battery” warning.
  • Blinking red is the “shutting down” indication.
  • Blinking purple is (AFAIK) the “I don’t know what is going on” indication, but I could be wrong.

Note that all of these indications are only valid when using a Dexter Industries / Modular Robotics operating system. (i.e. Raspbian for Robots, GoPiGo OS, or Dexter OS)

It will continue to blink green when using any other O/S.

* The actual robot isn’t fully ready until the antenna LED lights.