Does GoPiGo3 still really need Python 2?

I just installed the GoPiGo3 software (specifically see the highlighted section here ) and noticed that the update_gopigo3 script installed Python 2 on my Raspi 3 B+. Is it true that some part of GoPiGo3 still needs Python 2?


There was a period before Python2.7 was officially obsoleted, that the install script was forcing Python2. IIRC it had something to do with needing to port the GoPiGo3 GUI tools that used a version of QT that did not run in Python 3, but I believe eventually @cleoqc upgraded everything to use Python 3. That said your options include --bypass-GUI-instllation, and I thought the current default usepython3exec=true removed the python2 installation.

So when you type ```python --version" you get 2.7?

I still haven’t figured out when to use pip and when pip3, but I converted all my project code to start with:


even when Python2.7 was still available.

Carl is running 2020 Buster with python --version returning 2.7, but all his code was ported to run as Python3 with Python3.7.3. I think the GoPiGo3 eggs are installed in both compilers dist dirs.

Wow, my memory of just three years ago is totally fogged. Too many OS installations tested - Raspbian For Robots, DexterOS, GoPiGo OS, PiOS Buster, Bullseye, Bullseye 64-bit, Ubuntu 20.04, 22.04, 23.10, and just now 64-bit PiOS Bookworm Desktop confirmed works (with my custom install - cleoqc is testing with PiOS Bookworm so maybe ModRobotics will support it at some point. (Major porting needed for GoPiGo3 Clock Stretching I2C and I think all their educational collateral is based around the GoPiGo OS now.)


If I remember correctly, there are still some hard dependencies on Python 2.n, especially in some of the control panel utilities.

We really should bite the bullet and update things to the latest version of python and just dump the cruft!

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