Does this temperature and humidity sensor look right?

Hi all, is there a problem with this sensor? Does it look right?

It looks different that the one at this link. . .

And it looks different that the these too. . .

Thanks for your help.


It’s a proper sensor that is sold by Seeed :
However it’s also listed as not being supported with the Raspberry Pi/GrovePi+
Personally I have never seen that one but I’m not the GrovePi specialist.
I’ll let others confirm or infirm the compatibility.


Thanks, Cleo. This is helpful.

Yes, I would be very appreciative if someone could share how/if I can use this sensor with Raspberry Pi/GrovePi+.

Thanks and Peace,

I just googled this sensor. It is has a chip on board that converts the sensor readings to digital format that can be read via IC2. I did a quick google on the sensor and found this as a RPi python driver