Driver for Temperature &Humidity Sensor(High Accuracy Mini) v 1.0)

Hello, i’ve tried to search for a driver and an example python code for my temperature sensor, but i can’t find anything that is compatible to my raspberry b+.
Is there anything that helps me to try this sensor?
Thank you.

We don’t have code for the yet for TEMPERATURE &HUMIDITY SENSOR(HIGH ACCURACY MINI) for the GrovePi but it is indeed compatible with the GrovePi, but you’ll have to write some code for it to make it work.

Basically, you’ll have to send commands to it in Python from the Raspberry Pi using I2C and then read the values from the sensor. You’ll have to port the C code which is available for the Arduino to work with Python: .
Do let us know if you need any with getting it to work.


Thank You Karan