I have installed the dexter.ev3b file into my ev3 for education software. I would like to have students keep a running log of how much energy the solar panel is putting out over time. I am not altogether sure where to find the energy consumption sensor block.

Is it the energy meter block that I should use?

Hello istrait,

There is no way to monitor the input with the dSolar.

The manual for the dSolar and its setup and use is here: http://www.dexterindustries.com/manual/lego-mindstorms-sensors/dsolar/

The dSolar provides power to the EV3, but does not provide a monitor for how much power it’s supplying to the EV3.

If you want to monitor this, you might think about a few ways you could do it, including putting a voltmeter in parallel with the dSolar circuit.

OK… I assumed there was a block as there was one for the NXt on this page

Gonna go start playing now…

Sorry for any confusion!

The block we developed for the old NXT should measure voltage, but that’s not a really great proxy for energy unless you know the amperage consumption. There’s not a great way to do that with the NXT or EV3.