dTIR with second gen. NXT

Hi Guys,

we´re students from Germany, we want to build and program a Robot detecting a person and then taking a photo of him/her with the TIR sensor. We want to program with RobotC but when we want to open the link for the example of that program it always says “the site you have been looking for has not been found”, is there another place where we can find that program?

Thanks for your help,

Sorry about the broken link, we did a site migration and had a few things broken in the process. Can you point me to the link that’s coming up short? Or the page the link is on rather?

Your best option is to head over to http://botbench.com and download their driver suite. It will work on the NXT!

We decided to switch to the NXT 2.0 program and wanted to download the G-Block, but it isn´t there too. Could you tell us where we can get that from?

The NXT-G code for the NXT 2.0 for the TIR is here: https://github.com/DexterInd/DI_LEGO_NXT/tree/master/Thermal%20Infrared%20Sensor