Education suggestion

Got a suggestion for education and possibly the online version of

I’ve been using the games at to introduce my classes to Blockley programming before diving in to Bloxter and the GoPiGos. Specifically, we are doing the maze, bird, and turtle exercises.

Since the code is open for development I thought it might be a neat idea if those exercises were adapted for a virtual GoPiGo for a soft intro to GoPiGo programming.

Just a thought.

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The link you shared appears to be broken.

I totally agree. I would love to see that. However we’re a small team and I don’t know if we’ll have the time for such a simulator. It would be fantastic to have though!


Is DexterOS open source? Then the community could implement it.

This is a great idea thanks for suggesting!

Sorry about the bad link. Hopefully this correction will work.