Empathy Robot GoPiGo3

Does empathy robot work with the GoPiGo3??? I want to start working on this project, but I have a GoPiGo3. Is it still possible??

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I do believe it was coded for the GoPiGo3 to start with.

Warning though, it’s very possible that the Google API has changed since the tutorial got written.

I see that the EmpathyBot Ki, SKU: EmpathyBot, is sold with the GoPiGo2. If google changed their API does if effect both the GoPiGo2 and GoPiGo3 to run empathy robot? Has anyone at Dexter industries tried this project lately? If so did it work with out issues?


That would be an error in our shop. We no longer sell the GoPiGo2. I have reported the error to the appropriate person. Thank you for pointing it out!

As for the code itself, it does need to be updated to deal with a GoPiGo3. I’ll see if I can do it this week. I’ll try!


Thank you! Please keep me posted.

The COO of our company has a summer camp that serves underprivileged children. She wants to incorporate technology into this summer’s program. These robots will be a great way to do that. Empathy robot will blow their little minds and hopefully get them inspired!!

The work is done but not available to all yet. Probably early next week.

Empathy Robot is indeed quite fun but you have to be aware of a few things.
It uses the Google API so it needs an internet connection for it to work.
The Google API is not free - although they do give a few hours for free - and requires a credit card. (not for us, for Google)


@RobertLucian ended up doing the work of bringing the Empathybot project to the GoPiGo3. So that part now works if you update your library.
However the tutorial describing how to deal with Google Cloud hasnt been updated yet.