Empathybot Google Vision Api[SOLVED]

I am trying to replicate the Empathybot project but after creating the ***.json file and transferring over to my Pi, I am unable to successfully “export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS-vision2-xxxxxxxxxxxx.json” without getting a

root@raspi3_2017:/home/pi# bash: export: `GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIAL-vision2b-xxxxxxx.json’: not a valid identifier


What are you using for an operating system? For this project, we used Raspbian for Robots, and it should work the same for good old Raspbian.

Hi I resolved the issue last night. The video showing the "export command was too small…and I had entered a “-” sign instead of “=” before my “xxxx.json” file. Tonight i’lleone@atsllc.cc continue with the scripts. Thanks

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