Encoder falls off

We’re building the GoPiGo from a GoBox kit. One of the black encoders will not maintain a friction fit with the motor axle. It simply falls right off.

I’ve found that the issue is this specific encoder, not the axle; if I switch the encoders, the same encoder falls off, no matter which axle it’s attached to. When I remove both encoders and compare them, the loose encoder appears to have a slightly larger center slot. The other encoder stays on fine.

Is there a known issue with the cut of certain encoders?

Hey crazyhawk, on the GPG2 design, which came with the GoBox kit, we tightened up the pinch around the axel on these parts. I’m sorry this one seems to not have gotten the message! The easiest solution is to take a small bit of aluminum foil and place it accross the hole before you put the encoder on. The added space in there as you squeeze it on should hold the encoder in place. If you need a tighter pinch, you can even double fold the aluminum. Can you give it a shot and let us know how it goes?

Unfortunately, we did try this. Even with 6 layers of foil, it’s still prone to falling off.

Hey crazyhawk, not sure what could be wrong. Can you post a picture of the setup, or of the encoder with the 6 layers of foil?