Engine Details

Hello, one of the two engines on my GOPIGO ist not working correctly. Could you give me informations / technical details about the engine (e.g. rotation), so I can buy a new one and replace it?

Hey Klaus,
Can you give us some more information about what problems you are facing with the motors and what all did you try. We had a software problem earlier which had made the motors inconsistent, but that has been solved now.


Hey Klaus, maybe you can share the code you’re using to run the engine? As Karan mentioned, there were some issues with our first release of software, and we just want to make sure you’re using the latest.


Hello, thanks for the answers. The engines were installed like desribed in the instructions and one of the engines seems to have a loose connection, it´s either not running or running very slow.

I used the software four weeks ago that was linked at your GOPIGO-tutorial (2014.07.30_Dexter_Industries_wheezy). In my opinion the problem is not the software, because I removed the engine and tested the connection directly with the batteries and had still the same problem.

I would like try a new engine but I need the technical details (e.g. rotation). There is nothing mentioned on the engine or in the instructions.

Thanks for your support.

Hey Klaus, sorry to hear about this. Can you contact us through our website here: http://www.dexterindustries.com/site/?page_id=65

And we will arrange to send you a replacement motor.

hi john, i contacted throuhgh the website already in the beginning and was asked to also post the problem in the forum. it will problably take some time til the engine is here (in germany). for me it wouldnt be a problem to buy an new one, i only need the tecnical details (e.g. rotation, volt…) said the man in the electronic shop.