Enhancement Request: a DexterO/S "configurator"



  1. DexterO/S is “closed source”, and you would like to maintain that.
    (Though, IMHO, this violates so many open source licenses, it’s not funny, unless you plan to migrate it to something like BSD with a “We don’t care what you do with it” license.)
  2. As a result, it’s not “modifiable” to any great extent.
  3. It is very likely that there are instructors, perhaps more “Linux” literate than others, that may want to make changes to the base install aside from the few minor tweaks allowed.

A utility that will take as it’s target a SD card/other media containing a bootable Dexter image.
(perhaps Linux based, or installable on a Raspberry Pi running either stock Raspbian or R4R)

This utility would be able to configure or modify a broader range of parameters and functions.
For example:

  1. Allow the Dexter 'bot to participate in a local network instead of being stand-alone.
  2. Allow more extensive configuration of config files and services to allow, (for example), support for a hardware clock.

This could be a tool run by the instructor on a separate Pi/system which could modify an existing SD card, which could then be cloned.

Alternatively, a way to install the DexterOS tool-chain and environment on a R4R image.

I would be willing to test and provide initial user feedback.

What say ye?

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(You didn’t say “What say ye DI/ModRobotics?” …)

Do either of these two hacks get you closer?


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Good links!

Unfortunately, I’m looking for something more like raspi-config, preferably with a decent GUI.

Because others may wish to comment, offer suggestions, or just weigh-in on the issue. I didn’t want to foreclose good advice from other channels as well.

Let me bring this to the team!