Enhancement Request: GoPiGo OS version as part of desktop background?



Particularly when working with more than one version of GPGOS, it is literally impossible to distinguish versions when looking at the desktop.

Most Linux distribution re-spins make each version’s desktop distinctive so that you can tell what version you are using at a glance.  Likewise, when someone asks for help, being able to see what the version is can be essential.

Please consider either:

  1. Embedding the version number within the background image.

– or –

  1. Making each version’s background artwork distinctive.

I have created, (rather crudely), version marked backgrounds for GPGOS 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 which I am attaching for whoever may wish to use them on their 'bots


GPGOS 3.0.0


GPGOS 3.0.1

Hopefully it will help someone not go absolutely crazy when working with both versions!