Error Code 1006

I built this robot connected everything followed all the steps and I did the pining after I opened up the vnc interface I got 1006 as an error code

Hey ford,
Can you have a look at the answer here: and let us know if that works.


So yes on my raspberry pi a red light is solid and a green light is blinking. What do you mean that you are asposed to use the raspberry pi power supply cable?
Can you give me more info

By using the raspberry pi power supply, it meant connecting a microUSB cable to the raspberry pi and power it with 5V power similar to the ones used by mobile phones. Read this for more info:

If this does not work or you don;t have a microusb cable to try out, you might have to re-burn the sd card on your PC. We have a tutorial on this here: If you had bought the SD card from us, we can send you a replacement if you don;t want to burn the SD card.


Ooh I understand, but when should I put in the power supply after pining?
and could you go to the drop box link that I shared on the link that you posted

Hey Ford, not sure if we follow: what do you mean “after pining”?

Hi, could you watch this video this is what I see when I follow the instructions:
Thanks for the help.

Got it, great, that video made it very clear. Thank you Ford!

Your best bet is to re-burn the image. We have seen this with some of the earlier SD cards we’ve put out and we don’t know why thi s happens, but the solution is to just re-burn the image. Something got corrupted, not sure what. The SD card itself is just just fine, the software on it for some reason is corrupted.

Here are some step by step instructions, and videos on how to do it:

With a Mac, it’s relatively painless, using Etcher (graphical software). If you have any questions, please shoot them out.

We can also try to send you a replacement SD Card. Can you contact us through the website at if you’d like us to replace the SD Card?