Error "fail DHCP lookup" on Chromebook when connecting to GoPiGo


For the last two days the Chromebooks have been unable to connect to the GoPiGos’ wifi networks. The “fail DHCP lookup” any ideas?


Hi @jdahl,

This seems like a very familiar problem with the Chromebooks - it doesn’t have anything to do with the GoPiGo.
By searching on google I see there’re many users that had problems with their Chromebooks when connecting to any WiFi.
The symptom resembles the moment when all the IP addresses have been depleted (on the DHCP server) or maybe similar to IP spoofing.

Here are some meaningful links I’ve found:

  1. - this was actually an open issue


  3. - this is a more recent topic - this guy’s tests were more detailed.

As for what you can do, I think you can try updating the ChromeOS if there’s any newer version for you and see if the bug disappears.

Here are a couple of questions I think it may help us:

  • Do you have a Windows or Mac machine? You could try connect to the GoPiGo with one of them.

  • Have you ever been able to connect to the GoPiGo with your Chromebook?

  • Can you share us a screenshot of the problem, like where are you seeing the fail DHCP lookup?

Thank you!