Ethernet Connection Issue

I successfully assembled my GoPiGo, but when trying to connect it to my computer with the ethernet cable, the LEDs did not light up and the ping from the command line failed to find the GoPiGo, suggesting that the connection is not working. I tried with three different ethernet cables with the same result. The GoPiGo is turned on and the power LEDs on both boards are on. What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Are you sure the micro SD card is set up correctly? If you can connect the Raspberry Pi’s HDMI port to a television, you should at least see a boot-up sequence. If you can also attach a USB keyboard and mouse, you can check out whether it thinks it has an Ethernet port connection, and (if you have a wifi dongle) whether it can connect to your wireless network.

The Ethernet connection is meant to be a temporary connection of convenience, until you can get the wifi connection working. You don’t really need it afterwards.

I would agree with that is sounds like something is not booting up. The setting on the Mac for the ethernet (assuming you are using wi-fi for your normal connection) are pretty simple - see attached. Hope this helps.

Originally the card worked since I’ve used it with the raspberry pi before, but it appears that perhaps I’ve corrupted it somehow? Is there any way for me to fix it or do I need to buy a new card?

> Is there any way for me to fix it or do I need to buy a new card?

The card maybe be physically okay. I would definitely try to install the OS (Raspian, Noobs, or whatever) on it again before springing for a new card. I don’t know how you did it before, but here’s the link to instructions and download site, for reference:

Hi cfiertz, I agree with It sounds like the SD Card might have been corrupted. Just to be clear: when you setup via ethernet and have everything connected and turned on, do the LED’s next to the Ethernet port light up or turn on? If they’re not turning on the SD Card is corrupted. has the best solution: you can burn a new sd card very easily using your PC or Mac.