Ethernet lights won't blink!

I went through the building process smoothly but got stuck on the hardware part. The 2 LEDs on the Ethernet port won’t blink and I don’t know why or how to get them to blink. I think its worth mentioning that I am using a Ethernet to USB adapter on my Mac air. I was thinking maybe the problem has to do with the ethernet adapter since it isn’t the apple brand but then again I’m very new to all this. Hope someone can help.

Hi Marilyn 07,
Which SD card are you using with the Raspberry Pi and how are you powering it. Can you post a few pictures of what your setup looks like. What are the 2 LED’s on the Pi doing when you power on the Raspberry Pi and the GoPiGo. Are the green and red LED’s flashing, not doing anything or solid red or green. Can you double check if the SD card is properly inserted and not loose.


Hey Karen,

Thanks for the quick response. I am using the Raspbian for Robots 2015.11.09 SD card and powering the Raspberry Pi with the wall adapter. The lights on the Pi the ones near the SD slot are solid red and green. However, the ones on the ethernet port are blank and not doing anything. Also, I double checked the SD card and nothing changed. Lastly, I added some pictures.


Hello Marilyn,

I would tend to say there’s an issue with your SD card. Could you take a look at this video, which shows what a good boot-up is supposed to look like?

If you come to the conclusion that the image is corrupted, a new SD card could be sent to you, or if you feel adventurous and don’t want to wait, you can create your own SD card.
There are instructions (and video) available here:


Thanks for that video it was really helpful and you were right I am going to need a new SD card.

Hey Marilyn07,
Sorry to hear that your SD card is corrupted. If you had bought it from us, we’ll replace it. Shipping usually takes a few days and there is a faster option too which you can do yourself. Follow the guide here which would help you install the image. If that does not work or you don;t want to do that, can you contact us here, under “General Questions and Feedback”: with your order ID and we will have one shipped to you immediately.