Ethernet Not Lighting up

I received My GoPiGo2 base kit for Christmas and followed all the instructions on assemblling it. When I get to the part to plug ethernet in it doesn’t work nor does it ping Please advise.
Peyton Prejean

Hi Peyton,

when you plug your Ethernet cable into the Pi, do you see the Ethernet lights turn on?

Hey PPrejean, just a few quick questions for you to understand what’s happening:

  1. Are you using the latest DI Image Raspbian for Robots? If you’re using an SD card we sent you, what date is on it?
  2. Are you using a Mac or PC to connect?
  3. Are the Power and ACT Lights Blinking? (Here’s what a success looks like: )
  4. Are you powering via the USB Raspberry Pi Power Supply?
  5. Which version of the Raspberry Pi are you using?