Ev3 and dGPS

I purchased the DGPS for my students. We have downloaded the appropriate block and an example program from your site. When I plug in the dGPS the blue light blinks it never comes on again. When I choose the port with the dGPS I get a big explanation mark like it does not exist. HELP.
I also updated to the newest firmware on my bot.

Hey tgcewill,

Regarding the dgps and the blue light: it should blink when plugged in. It will go solid when it acquires satellites. The first time you run the dGPS, it will take longer to acquire satellites than normal.

To acquire satellites, you need to place the dGPS in a spot where it can see as much of the horizon as possible. So outside, preferably away from a building or on top of a roof.

Can you send a screenshot of the error with the software? Which version of EV3 software are you using?

Our dGPS will never get a blue solid light. We have tried replacing the battery. If we check the volts we get the same value with or without a battery.

We just used the default program to read GPS readings on your website.

Right. WHere are you using it? How much of the horizon can you see? How long are you letting it sit outside?