Ev3 compass

Dear dexter industries!
I have been trying the dcompass in EV3 And is it correct that it returns only from zero to 180 deegress in heading? Can it be changed to work like real compass?
Thank you

Hi Hirama22,
There is no setting to change this on the compass. However, you can change the reading with a simple algebra and if statement. You can try something like this:

If x < 0:
x = x + 360

I think that should return a full 0 - 360 degree return.

In your if sentence, but heading is never below zero? Its from 0 to 180.

If I remember correctly, it returns 180 to -180. Are you only seeing 0 to 180?

Yes heading is returning only 0 to 180. :S

This is probably a software problem, I will have to look into it then.

Problem is in Dexter Ev3 block then?
Thank you