EV3 dIMU Calibration

How do you calibrate the dIMU via the EV3 interface?



Never mind. I ended up creating a program to log the accelerometer output to a file and then oriented the dIMU in all 6 cardinal directions and ran the program. From this data I was able to calculate bias values, then created a ‘MyBlock’ that biases the accelerometer values based on the input orientation before returning them to the program. This is probably not as fast as doing it on the chip, but likely more accurate.


Hey Brian,
Sorry for the slow response on this. T hat’s exactly what you’ve got to do and exactly how we handled it with the old NXT software: you would lay the accel flat, measure, and not the biases. Then those biases are subtracted from each reading.

This is actually probably as fast as you’re going to get with the EV3.