EV3 Line Follower

So i want to build a line follower with the brickPi 3 and i have 2 lego ev3 colour sensors attached and when i want to do the line callibration i keep getting [Errno 5] input/output error. I also couldnt find any other codes for a line follower using the ev3 senors and a brickPi 3. Can aynone tell me what to do do get it working or do u have to buy new sensors. Im also a complete noob any help is very appreciated !

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Welcome in!

As far as I know - using a GoPiGo - Dexter Industries has a particular line-follower sensor that is specifically designed for that use and can plug into any of the i2c busses on the 'bot.  There is existing and mature software available for the Dexter Line Follower sensor that will make it easier to use.

I don’t know of, and I have never seen, the ev3 color sensors used as a line-follower.  At least not with the Dexter 'bots.


Thank you for the quick reply ! So i understand correctly that the line follower is not possible with the Lego colour sensors and i have to buy this ? Also after having to change the SD card once the line follower code in the examples folder is gone is there any way of downloading or finding it anywhere for when i have the correct sensor ?
Kind Regards, Markus

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I didn’t say that. . . .

What I DID  say is that there is an existing sensor that has line following software already written for it.  If you want to research, and write, custom software to run your sensors, you’re welcome to.

BTW, I forgot to mention in the previous post that the ERROR 5 usually happens when the i2c can’t see the sensor.  You may have to experiment with both the HW and SW i2c implementations on the Dexter 'bot.  You will also have to look carefully at any example code you can get for your sensors to determine how to properly communicate with it.

No, you don’t HAVE  to buy anything.  I’m just suggesting that you might not want to re-invent the wheel.  Is there a particular reason to use the color sensors, or is it just a matter of “since I already have the little beasties. . .”?

Ultimately, the decision on how to approach this is yours.

If you already have Raspbian for Robots running on your beast, it should already be installed.  If you removed it, but still have the updater code in R4R, you can run that to re-install it.  The only “gotcha!” is that if you have any customized software in the Dexter folder, save it first as it will be overwritten and lost.

If you’re running your own installation of plain-vanilla Raspbian, you can install the Dexter software on it by following these instructions:

See if any of these choices work and let us know.

What code are you using? It would help in figuring out what the issue may be.

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