External power supply for gopigo

I want to power up the gopigo wuth an external power supply. On the web site, you mention it needs to be powered by a 12V and min 2A.
What is the maximum ampers that this power supply should have?


Hey Marian,
With the motors running, the GoPiGo usually takes ~1A at 12V but when the motors turn on or change direcction, there is a spike which may be upto 2A at 12V. So if your power supply can supply 2A or more at 12V, it should be good enough to use.


Thanks. I give it a try with an adaptor for 12V and 4A and it works great.
With batteries i had issues with the video cam on and the mottors running. The pi shutdown.
And i had new batteries there, but the voltage was 9.8 or so.
Any recommandations for batteries or a better battery pack to run with video and motors?

Can you please send me the link of the adapter you purchased? Keep using batteries is an issue as I have to replace the batteries from time to time. Also, I wanted to make sure that this adapter goes to gopigo board, right?

I can’t recall from where i’ve purchased it. In fact i don’t have it around anymore to actually look at it and tell the brand.
Was powering the gopigo board, yes. You can purchase one with similar ratings.