Finding DexterOS v1.3.2

Where can I download DexterOS v1? I am using DexterOS v1.3.2 for a class running GoPiGo3, and put v2. 4.0 on some other robots. With v2.4.0, we’re finding navigating in is really buggy, and the robots cannot connect to any sensors. I’ve spent two days not trying to debug and understand out how to make v2.4.0 work, but to no avail.

Since v1.3.2 works so well, I want to go back to that. I have been looking for an hour and cannot find a version of DexterOS v1 to reinstall. Please, where can I find it?


That’s very strange for DexterOS 2.4.0 to act that way. I know it’s more stable than any 1.x version. So, consequently, there must be something else going bad with it.

What do you mean the robots cannot connect to any sensor? Can you expand on that subject?

And why is the navigation in buggy? I know there are still 1 or 2 bugs out there, but they are definitely not easy to spot to the user and they are definitely not critical to the application. Can you describe how it behaves? Screenshots, videos, and of the sort would be very helpful.

Also, what Raspberry Pi have you paired with the GoPiGo3?

Anyhow, here’s the link to version 1.3.2 since you asked for it.

And to see everything we had uploaded on SourceForge, check out this link.

Thank you!