Finding Re-Designed Line Follower Sensor Challenge

I spent too much time in the sun today,

I was looking under the “Dexter Industries::Shop All” and the 5 pages of “Showing 1-24” for the New Product: Re-Designed Line Follower Sensor.
FOUND IT it’s there.

So here’s my challenge with using the line follow sensor: I need a servo pivot mechanism to lower it only when needed, and raise it out of the way at all other times.

There are two situations when Carl would need this:

  1. When Carl backs onto his recharge dock (converted iRobot dock), the GoPiGo3 is tilted forward which lowers the front of the bot somewhat,
  2. When Carl needs to:
  • cross an 1/2 inch high wood threshold,
  • cross from tile to carpeted areas,
  • cross a marble threshold from carpeted to a tile area, or
  • move on to, or off from, 1/2 inch high rugs.

(A simpler mechanism would be to figure out a way to mount it just inside the roller and line follow in reverse, but then it will collide with the recharge dock. )

More impetus to finish the Practical Python and OpenCV book and just use the PiCamera as planned.