Finding Scratch examples after Software Update

I am a teacher. I did not see an “Update GoBox” in the Scratch Menu so I updated the software. I was trying to follow the missions which say to update each month. With the software update, I cannot find the examples for the lessons for the GoPiGo2. Were the Scratch project examples there before I did the update and how do I get them back? That’s all I really need.

Hello @jmitterko

For the future, you no longer need to update every mission. Now, where did those examples go?

Where are you looking for them? I usually use them from within Scratch. I open Scratch, then File/Open, then the Examples button, choose the appropriate robot folder. Can you find examples there?

Please tell me which actions you’re using to get to the examples, as there are a couple of possible methods .


I was looking for them the same way you said to look at them. Go into Scratch, etc… and I looked under projects. I could not find them. I found Empathybot. I couldn’t find anything that matched the missions. What else can I do? What are the other possible methods because I feel like I looked in every possible folder in the directory.

can you confirm that you’re looking for the GoBox missions? Or the basic Scratch examples?


Yes, I am looking for the GoPiGo Mission Materials on the Micro SD Card. I updated the card and now I can’t find the folder that said GoBox. Is there a way for me to get it back?


Apologies, we have stopped sharing the Scratch examples as most classes have moved to DexterOS. But you can still get them.

You will need to open up a terminal window, and type the following in:

cd Desktop
sudo git clone